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When Should You Book A Pool Inspection?

pool-inspectionsWhen Should You Book A Pool Inspection?

Pool inspection laws are designed to help make sure that any pool being used is safe for swimmers of all ages.


As of the first of December, 2009, Queensland government officials have introduced important new pool safely laws that everyone must follow. This applies to public pools as well as those that are part of any private house.

These laws have come about as a result of problems with pool safety that have led to young children being injured and even drowned. The new laws will require that any pool must be registered with the state government and open to inspection by anyone who wants to find out more information about the pool.

The information will be easily available online. All pools that are in use must adhere to the safety laws within five years of construction unless the pool is sold or leased to someone else during that time.

Any pool that is on the grounds of a house must come with a recent pool safety certificate that has been updated and shows that the pool is safe. If the certificate is not present, the seller must inform the buyer of this fact before the home is sold. The seller must provide the buyer with a notice of no pool safety form before the buyer purchases the house.

The buyer who gets such a certificate will need to obtain their own pool safety certificate within three months of closing on the property. These certificates are valid for two years on a pool that is not being shared with others and for a single for those that are shared.

Buying a Property With A Pool?

When considering buying any property with a pool, the pool inspection should be done last. A pool can be taken down or fixed but other problems with a home such as structural issues may require more investment.

It is best to avoid paying for an independent pool safety inspection with someone who is licensed and experienced until the house is nearing the end of the purchase process. This will help the buyer save money on the cost of the pool inspection.

The pool inspection will indicate if the pool meets all current safety standards. If it does not, the owner of the pool will be able to find out what they can do in order to remedy this problem and bring the pool up to all current modern safety standards.

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