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Independent Building Inspections in Mermaid Beach

Independent Building Inspections in Mermaid Beach

Buying a new property in Mermaid Beach is an important decision. This beachside suburb offers a laid-back lifestyle that is hard to find anywhere on the Gold Coast. Purchasing a home in Mermaid Beach can be an excellent long term investment and buyers are often tempted by the townhouses and villas along the beach which offer luxury living with easy access to the water.

However, a building is more than its location. Most buyers are not skilled enough to know what to look for to make sure that their dream home does not turn into a nightmare after moving in. This is why a building inspection is absolutely critical before any purchase in Mermaid Beach.

At DR Inspects Gold Coast South, we work hard to offer the best building and pest inspection services in Mermaid Beach. Our expert team offers a prompt and comprehensive service providing you with the information necessary to make an informed decision about any Mermaid Beach property that you buy.

A building inspection is a thorough evaluation of the property ensuring that all components of the structure comply with national building codes. Our inspections look at issues such as wiring, plumbing, heating/cooling, the foundation and more.

A building inspection may also include a pest inspection which looks through the structure for signs of infestation. This can include insects such as termites or other animals that may invade and damage parts of the home.

These inspections look for signs of active infestations while also looking for previous damage that may need to be addressed in order to protect the structural integrity of the home.

Our inspections can also examine other features of the property including any pools or water features.

Many properties in Mermaid Beach have pools. A pool inspection by DR Inspects will look at the integrity of the pool ensuring that it is safe to use and works effectively.

We will also examine the pool’s safety features to make sure that it follows all regulations for long term peace of mind.

Thorough Inspections

During our inspection, we will look through every part of the property. In order to do this, it is common for a building inspection to take several hours. We use a standardised checklist for the most comprehensive evaluation of the property possible.

It is important to note however that an inspection can only see what is visible. Issues behind the walls can only be inferred which means that some issues may not be fully detectable during an inspection.

This is why we use thermal camera technology to supplement a standard inspection. Thermal cameras provide additional information about what is going on behind the walls. This information can indicate additional problems which may affect your desire to purchase the property.

After we finish the inspection, we relay all the information to you. Once you have this information, you can decide if you want to proceed with the contract or negotiate the price.

In some cases, you may want to make requests to the seller about various improvements needed to get the property in a better condition.

If the fixes are too extensive, you may want to back out of the deal and find another Mermaid Beach property. Whatever you decide, a building inspection can be a critical part of the decision making process.