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Termites Gold Coast


Termites can cause damage to your home if they are not treated quickly and properly. Tell us straight away if you think termites have affected your property, or if you have noticed termite activity nearby.

Tips to keep termites away from your home

Don’t put garden beds, shrubs, trees or bark against the walls of your property
Don’t leave loose timber stacked against or under your home or in the yard
Don’t leave objects leaning against the walls that also touch the ground
Don’t place grass clippings around trees
Wood piles should be kept off the ground so you can see the mud trails left by the termites if they attack the timber
Remove old tree stumps from your yard
Report any suspected termite activity in fences and trees around your home to us straight away
If you have a brick home, make sure the gaps (also called weep holes) between the bricks and the concrete slab are open to allow any moisture to get out
Fix any leaking hose taps
Checking for termites


Tap your knuckles on any timber in your home (for example—skirting boards, architraves, doors and window frames) and listen for a dull, hollow sound.
Look for blistered or bubbled paint, and rippled or bulging wall linings, skirtings or architraves.

Check for small mud tunnels against the walls and paths, or trails leading up the foundation posts or brick walls into your home. The trails are more likely to be found in moist areas against the building and storage areas under the building.
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