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Why getting a thorough Building and Pest Inspection is so important.

Getting a thorough Building and Pest inspection is essential when purchasing a property, there are 3 main categories that are looked at in the inspection process ant they are Termites, Water and building movement/ subsidence.

It is imperative to get a thorough inspector out to your property as these defects can cost a lot of money to repair if missed. This property that I inspected last week had some apparent Termite damage that had supposedly been repaired, the dwelling is a subfloor construction that consist of brick foundations / piers and timber bearers / joist, a normal sloping block construction.

A Termite barrier had been installed and was up to date with its inspections. That’s what the sticker said and vendor thought? The subfloor had excessive cobwebs, I’m no cobweb specialist but there had not been someone under the floor for a few years let alone the few months ago the apparent Termite Specialist was under there and this is what I found.

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